Keeping a Toddler Happy at a Family Restaurant


two parents, two grandparents and greandchildren at a family restaurantThe next time you have a deep craving for steak, you don’t have to get a sitter to go out. At our family restaurant we welcome guests of all ages. Although our food may remind you of the quality of fine dining, our atmosphere is family friendly and low key. You don’t have to settle for fast food if you want to eat out with your child. If you are that mom or dad wrestling with your child to sit still and enjoy a meal with you, we have a few ideas to help you enjoy your time as a family. The Original Great American Land & Cattle Co. is ready to feed you and your family!

Entertain Your Children

The best advice for the struggling parent is to entertain your child. You know your kid and their favorite toy or past time. If they love to color, bring along the crayons and coloring book. If they love to watch cartoons, perhaps bring along your phone and allow them to watch. A small bag of toys is an option to keep them entertained. Another good idea is to stop at the Dollar Store before your dinner at our family restaurant. Let your toddler pick a toy or two to stay busy while you eat. The fascination of a new toy will keep their attention. Maybe even bring out the smart phones and download some fun and entertaining apps for your children have some fun. But make sure the app doesn’t include microtransactions! 

Don’t Expect Them to Eat

If you struggle to get your child to eat their veggies or any of their food for that matter, the busy and new atmosphere might be even more of a distraction. You may want to put your concerns for their eating on the back burner. Better yet, you could make sure they eat a healthy meal or snack before you head out to the family restaurant. Ordering them a sure favorite like french fries might be a big help as well.

Include Them In the Conversation

The best bit of advice we can give is include them in the fun. It’s probably best not to try and carry on a deep conversation about your job or family over the dinner. If you left your child with a sitter and opted for a date night, that might be alright.  Instead, during a family night out, you could ask your child questions or play a game together while you wait for your food. Be sure to engage their attention as you sit at the table together. This will ensure your time is well spent.

Press the Reset Button

You probably already realize that your child’s attention span is limited. After about 20 minutes they will start to wiggle and squirm. It would be a good idea to walk over to the restroom or the front entrance to let them stretch their legs and get the wiggles out. This is like a reset button for their attention span and will make your job so much easier.

You are Welcome at Our Family Restaurant

When you come to The Original Great American Land & Cattle Co. you don’t have to worry about your kids. We are a family restaurant and enjoy serving you and your children. Our business was founded on family values. Whether you have one child, or enough for your own sports team, our staff will be happy to accommodate your needs. Let our signature dishes satisfy you and your entire family! Contact The Original Great American Land & Cattle Co. today.