What Makes it More Than Just a Burger?


a young lady holding a steakburger between her hands as she eatsDid you know, according to Burger Web, Americans consume about 50 billion burgers a year? There are over 50 thousand burger joints in America, and Texas has the second largest number of burger restaurants. If there is anything Americans take seriously, it’s probably food.  If you are looking for a good burger in El Paso, or dare we say, the best burger in El Paso, you need to try the Original Great American Land & Cattle Co. steakburger.

Not Your Average Ground Beef

You probably weren’t aware that 71 percent of beef eaten in restaurants is in the form of a burger. The good news is we offer something better. Our chefs make a burger that is like nothing else you will find in El Paso. For starters, it’s not just a burger, it’s a steakburger. We don’t purchase ground beef, and we certainly don’t use preformed burger patties. Our cooks grind our own steak meat daily to make our burgers. The result is a high quality, thick, flavorful patty cooked to order.

You’ve Got Options With Our Steakburger

A lot of our regulars are traditionalists and like the original steakburger cooked medium or medium well. Its an old El Paso classic. But we also offer bacon, mushroom, diced green chile, grilled onions, and bleu cheese so that you can customize your burger. We even offer the quesadilla steakburger which comes with diced green chile and American jack cheese. If you have a big appetite and want a taste from south of the border the Chihuahua steakburger should be your first choice. It includes a half pound hotdog, brisket, grilled onions, and of course diced green chile.

A Step Above Our Competitors

Here at The Original Great American Land & Cattle Co. we believe in consistency and quality ingredients. If you’re going to visit a restaurant and pay for good food and service, you’re expecting to be, at the least, satisfied. We take that desire seriously and go a step further. We are more well-known for our steaks, but we don’t disappoint if you are looking for the best burger in El Paso. We provide the best possible ingredients with great service. Our chefs only use Sterling Silver grass fed beef that is prepared fresh daily. Give us a call or visit us today. Your whole family is welcome here at our family owned restaurant. Oh, and come hungry!