3 Health Benefits of Listening to Music & Live Entertainment

a guitarist and singer on stage performing live entertainmentThe next time someone asks you to turn down your music, tell them you’re listening for health purposes. If you need a good dose of live entertainment, we’ve got exactly what you need. The Original Great American Land & Cattle Co., in El Paso, specializes in hosting great live entertainment every Wednesday. So, if you’re on the hunt for great music and great food, we’ve got you covered! 

Music for Your Immune System

Neuroscientists have found that listening to music heightens positive emotions and stimulates dopamine that can make you feel good. Listening to music lights up areas of the brain as well. Almost no brain center is untouched while listening to music. Some researchers think music can have a positive effect on IgA which is an important antibody for our immune system’s first line of defense against illness. A study took undergraduate students and tested their saliva IgA levels before and after listening to four different sounds. The group that listened to soothing music had significantly greater increases in their IgA than any other group.

Music for Memory Improvement

Listening to favorable music increases dopamine. Dopamine release is related to motivation, which also helps in learning and memory. According to Brain, A Journal of Neurology, a 2008 study ran a test on stroke patients in a rehabilitation center. Three groups listened to self-chosen music, an audiobook, or silence while receiving their daily treatment plan. They were tested after one week, three months, and six months for mood and quality of life. The end result showed that the group that listened to music had more verbal memory retention and focus attention that the other groups. Not only that, they were less depressed and confused.

Music Improves Stress Levels

Scientist have even proven that watching live entertainment music can lower stress hormones. 117 people had their saliva tested before and after a 60 minute period of enjoying a live concert. The scientists found that levels of cortisol and cortisone, stress hormones, decreased during the concert. The body produces cortisol when physical or mental stress are present. It is responsible for making us alert in small doses. But too much over long periods of time are associated with heart disease and diabetes.

Get Your Fix of Live Entertainment Every Wednesday

If you are a skeptic, give yourself a weekly dose of life entertainment. We bring various bands from in and around the El Paso area for your enjoyment from 7pm to 10pm every Wednesday. It’s less expensive than health care, and we promise our menu offers food better than medicine.