How to Order Steak and Seafood at a Restaurant

Steak with Fresh Herbs on rustic wooden tableA lot can go into ordering a steak at your favorite steakhouse in El Paso. Sometimes people skip ordering steak and seafood all together because they simply don’t know how to order a steak. They feel embarrassed or judged about their lack of knowledge on subject of steak. Here at the Original Great American Land and Cattle Co. we are happy to share a few tips on ordering a great steak.

Cuts of Steak

The first thing you need to know when ordering a good steak is what cut of steak you want. The name of the steak on the menu refers to what cut the meat is. Different cuts come from different portions of the cow. Depending on where the cut came from, the marbling of fat and tenderness will be different. At our steakhouse we only use USDA choice or prime beef. Our steak is from grass fed Sterling Silver premium beef.

The meat in the neck and legs is generally pretty tough. The best cuts come from portions of the cow that get little movement. The tenderloin is below the spine from muscles that move very little. The forequarter cut, come from the front of the cow from the shoulder to the 5th rib. It consists of bone in steak cuts. The prime rib, as the name indicates, comes from ribs 6 to 12. The prime rib is usually what we recommend because it offers a perfect combination of marbling and tenderness. The hindquarter offers some great cuts too. T-bones, strip steak, and sirloins come from this cut. If you want a richer flavor with less fat marbling a sirloin is a good choice. The tenderloin is a cut of it’s own and is argued by some to be the best part of the cow. This is where the filet mignon comes from.

How Do You Want That Cooked?

This is another intimidating question asked by your waiter. However, it’s pretty straightforward if you know what the different levels are. From rare to well done, you can get a different flavor from the same steak. Rare steak has a cool red center. It is cooked just enough to sear the outside. Medium rare has a thick brown crust and warm red center. The outside will be firm and browned. Medium well offers a very light pink center. The outside will have a charred and dark brown crust. The well done is for those that like to play it safe. It is cooked through and through with no color what-so-ever. Only the best cooks know how to do this right without burning the steak. No matter how you order your meat at our steakhouse, our cooks will give you exactly what you ask for.

Steak and Seafood

The steak and seafood pairing is an American classic. Here at our steakhouse you can add a Australian lobster tail or six jumbo shrimp to your steak for a discounted price. The rich buttery seafood just pairs so well with the marbling and rich flavor of our steaks. When it comes to steak and seafood our chefs will provide you with a rich delicious pairing.

Visit Us for Your Next Steak and Seafood Dinner

The next time you want to take your family out for a hearty meal, visit us at the Original Land and Cattle Co. Our chefs cut all of our steaks in-house and we only use the best beef. Our seafood selection is by no means generic. We special order Australian Lobster and large shrimp. We take great pride in offering our customers the best. Feel free to contact us for more info or to make reservations.