The Great Steak Debate: How Should You Eat It?

Steaks in der PfanneIt’s been a heated debate for years now. Rare vs. Well Done. Ribeye vs. Filet Mignon. We’ve all been there, too. We doubt there’s a person here who hasn’t been in this kind of argument before; spittle flying, saying words we later regret. All over how we enjoy a nice steak. There are so many ways you can have the meat prepared for you at a restaurant that it’s no surprise that this argument has become commonplace in our society. At The Original Great American, we’ll prepare your steak however you want it (and we won’t argue with you about it either). Here are the many great ways you can enjoy steak.

Rare and Medium Rare

One component of one of the most heated steak debates: ordering the meat rare or medium rare. When we prepare steak medium rare or rare, we don’t cook it all the way through, leaving the center pink, but safe to eat. This makes the meat juicy and tender and delicious to eat.

Well Done

As opposed rare and medium rare, well-done steaks are cooked thoroughly, so when you order it “well done,” you won’t see any pink. When it’s well-done, it tends to have more minerals and gives you less fat than when you prepare it rare or medium rare.

Filet Mignon

A filet mignon steak is meat that is taken from the smaller end of a beef tenderloin. Typically, filet mignon is cut into small pieces. It can be wrapped in bacon or cooked as is. Filet mignon is tender because it’s cut from the most tender part of the cow.


Ribeye steaks are taken directly from the rib of the cow. Most ribeyes still have the rib bone attached, adding extra flavor to it. Ribeyes are high in protein and vitamins and can be enjoyed with vegetables and other sides.

The Great Steak Debate

As you can see, both sides of the steak debate have a great argument. Rare, well done, ribeye, it doesn’t matter. Steak is steak, and it is delicious to eat however you prepare it. Our advice to you is, if you normally eat it rare, why not try it well done? And if your goto is ribeye, how about giving filet mignon a try? You never know what you might like.

The Best Steakhouse in El Paso

If you’re looking to eat a quality meal in El Paso, The Original Great American is the place to go. We’ll prepare your meat just the way you like it. And when it comes to the great steak debate, we don’t take sides…but we do offer delicious sides to enjoy with your meal. Visit us today!