Tips for Eating Out Healthy

Two children playing together in a restaurant during family visitWhen you eat out you are probably looking for a satisfying meal at the right place with great customer service. With New Year’s resolutions in full effect and spring around the corner most folks are also looking for a hearty healthy meal when they visit their favorite family restaurant. At The Original Great American Land & Cattle Co. we have a few tips to help you find a great meal while staying on track with your health goals.

Enjoy a Hearty Steak

Believe it or not a big hearty steak is a great choice for sticking to your diet. There are plenty of lean choices like a sirloin that offer satisfying flavor on the lean side of things. A filet mignon is another great choice. The small portion yet big flavor is a great way to satisfy the taste buds while staying within the reigns of your calorie count. The large portion of protein is also great for those counting macros.

Make Substitutions

When it comes to eating out at your favorite family restaurant substitutions will be your best friend. Instead of indulging in that baked potato ask your waiter for a side salad or in season veggies. If you want to enjoy a burger it is possible. You can ask for the chef to forgo the bread and deliver extra lettuce. Most burgers come with a whopping side of fries, which once again, will need to be substituted for something with less carbs and calories. Most restaurants are happy to make substitutions to accommodate their guests.

Feeding the Kids at the Family Restaurant

If you are taking the kids out to the family restaurant your concern for healthy eating is just as big. Most kids will want to order a huge bowl of mac and cheese with a side of dessert. While that may keep them out of your hair while you engage in a nice adult conversation with your spouse, it may not be the best for a healthy choice. A burger with a side of veggies and mac and cheese is a more well rounded choice for parents looking to offer a nutritious meal. Often times asking for help from the waiter will go a long ways.

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If you are look for a satisfying yet healthy meal The Original Great American Land & Cattle Co. has a menu full of options. Our friendly staff is always ready to help as well. Be sure to bring the whole family out to eat today!