The Right American Steakhouse

Close up on rare cooked cote de boeuf steak with knifeA lot of people steer clear of ordering steak for many reason. They may feel intimidated by their lack of knowledge when it comes to ordering beef. Others may feel less than prepared to pay for a delicious steak dinner. However, if you want to enjoy a quality cut of steak you should visit an American steakhouse with specific standards in place.

Never Frozen

When you visit an American steakhouse you want to be sure to find a good restaurant that uses meat that has never been frozen. These means that the meat you get on your plate is extremely fresh. It is even better when your steak is actually cut in house. These are indications that you are eating at a quality steakhouse with an eye for good practices.

The Right Quality of Beef

People often spend a lot of time trying to imitate at home the delicious flavor that comes from eating at a quality American steakhouse. However, at a good steakhouse the grade of beef that arrives still steaming at your table cannot be found at your local grocery store. A good restaurant will indicate on their menu that they serve USDA Prime beef. This means that the beef has excellent marbling and it came from young, well-fed cattle. USDA Choice Beef is also a good grade meat but one step down from prime. What you find at the grocery store is labeled standard and may not even have a grading.

Nice Large Portion

Another mark of an excellent American steakhouse is nice large portions of meats and excellent sides. The last thing you want is to leave the restaurant unsatisfied. A good meal will consist of a steak proportioned to what you ordered on the menu. Of course, when you order a filet mignon you are going to be expecting a smaller steak. But, you should still experience a hearty meal full of flavor. A good restaurant will also offer the option of add-ons like shrimp and lobster.

Visit our American Steakhouse Today

If you are looking for a satisfying meal of USDA Prime beef prepared only when you order, be sure to visit the Original Great American Land & Cattle Co. in El Paso. We know quality beef and strive to offer you a delicious meal every time you visit. Be sure to bring the whole family for an enjoyable meal.