The smell of barbecue brings about many different emotions: comfort, delight, and happiness are just a few. Those feelings are especially elevated during the summertime, as many families in El Paso make bbq apart of their summer tradition.

Why Summer and BBQ Go Hand-in-Hand

Barbecue pork ribs on a grillThere’s nothing quite like the smell of BBQ on a hot summer day. As the weather in El Paso begins to get warmer, it’s nice to cool out indoors with a fresh salad and glass of iced tea. Here at The Original Great American & Cattle Co., we take pride in serving our customers, especially during the summertime when you have numerous options for a barbecue meal.

If you’re planning a family lunch or dinner for a special occasion this summer such a graduation dinner, Father’s day lunch, birthday celebration, or perhaps a special anniversary, then we have suggestions for you. Here’s why summer and BBQ at The Original Great American & Cattle Co. go hand-in-hand:

Fresh Options for the Entire Family

Dining at the Great American allows you to select from a wide variety of entrees that are not just barbecue based. For example, if someone doesn’t eat red meat, we have seafood options such as shrimp cocktail and smoked salmon that are also fresh choices for summer. When it comes to sides and toppings, consider our steamed vegetables, pineapple coleslaw, and sauteed mushrooms. Many people look for lighter choices in the summer since heavy foods can feel overwhelming on a hot day. The great thing about our menu is that we incorporate rich, traditional flavors in every choice.          

Bring the Party Indoors

An outdoor barbecue can be great if you have sufficient coverage from the sun and bug spray to keep pesky bugs away. If your family is looking for a summertime meal that allows everyone to come together in a cool and welcoming environment, then we’ve got you covered. Depending on the size of your party, you may want to consider reserving a room where you and your guests can dine comfortably.    

Pair a Classic and Refreshing Drink with a Signature Dish

If you’re celebrating a special occasion, you’ll want to incorporate a traditional wine with your choice of meat. White wines go especially well with salmon, whereas a nice red wine is perfect with steak. Our list of wine allows your party to select from classic favorites to newer options such as the Stella Rosa Moscato. Beyond wine, we have traditional Texas margaritas and a selection of domestic and imported beers that go especially well with ribeye and brisket.         

Your Summertime Meal Has Never Been More Savory

The summertime months are ideal for enjoying a classic barbecue meal with your favorite people. Our staff will make your experience one to remember. Come see us today at 7600 Alabama St., El Paso, TX 79904.