A Short History of American Steakhouses

grateTexans love their beef. An American steakhouse today can be decked out with wooden decor, pictures of the wild west, images of cowboys herding cattle on King’s Ranch, or be an upscale modern restaurant furnished in fashionable designs. Foreigners that visit the United States make it a mission to visit American steakhouses like Original Great American Land & Cattle Co. because of their charm and quintessentially American dishes of beef, potatoes, spinach, ale, and of course good old apple pie.

Where it all Began

American steakhouses are derived from the beefsteak banquet and the chophouses often seen in parts of England. Beefsteak banquets began in NYC as a man-only political affair that served beef on a slice of bread. These were wild occasions of men talking politics and arguing over current events, policies, and the state of the world. Chophouses also surfaced in the States around the mid 1800’s and were the more rough and tumble version of the two. Picture a dimly lit, sawdust filled affair with more variety in the menu and in the clientele. Soon these types of eateries began spreading throughout the country as different regions adopted their own take  and approach.

The Texas Way

Following the Civil War the Texas economy boomed as railroads brought rapid expansion throughout the region. This allowed cattle ranchers to transport their product far and wide. This had a major impact on the growing state economy and developed a culture of cattle ranching and farming. The ethos of the Texas cowboy riding a handsome steed in a field of cattle is part of the state’s identity. Many steakhouses today draw on this history for their restaurant atmosphere. Even in present day the beef industry is a big part of the Texas economy, as one quarter of the nation’s fed cattle are raised in the state.

More than one million cattle annually graze pastures within Texas borders. Much of this beef goes to supply Texas and American steakhouses, which provide a popular go-to outing for families and food lovers throughout the nation.

Continue the Tradition

Our restaurant is part of this great tradition of family owned American steakhouses and is proud to have locations in the great state of Texas. People here sure love their beef and barbeque. The traditions of a good cut of beef reach back into the nation’s history and form part of our heritage and the story of the final frontier. Because of their extensive history American steakhouses are a staple of our nation’s food culture. We are proud to serve the people of this great nation and invite you to be part of the ongoing history of steakhouses and visit the Original Great American today.