A Short History of American Steakhouses

grateTexans love their beef. An American steakhouse today can be decked out with wooden decor, pictures of the wild west, images of cowboys herding cattle on King’s Ranch, or be an upscale modern restaurant furnished in fashionable designs. Foreigners that visit the United States make it a mission to visit American steakhouses like Original Great American Land & Cattle Co. because of their charm and quintessentially American dishes of beef, potatoes, spinach, ale, and of course good old apple pie.

Where it all Began

American steakhouses are derived from the beefsteak banquet and the chophouses often seen in parts of England. Beefsteak banquets began in NYC as a man-only political affair that served beef on a slice of bread. These were wild occasions of men talking politics and arguing over current events, policies, and the state of the world. Chophouses also surfaced in the States around the mid 1800’s and were the more rough and tumble version of the two. Picture a dimly lit, sawdust filled affair with more variety in the menu and in the clientele. Soon these types of eateries began spreading throughout the country as different regions adopted their own take  and approach.

The Texas Way

Following the Civil War the Texas economy boomed as railroads brought rapid expansion throughout the region. This allowed cattle ranchers to transport their product far and wide. This had a major impact on the growing state economy and developed a culture of cattle ranching and farming. The ethos of the Texas cowboy riding a handsome steed in a field of cattle is part of the state’s identity. Many steakhouses today draw on this history for their restaurant atmosphere. Even in present day the beef industry is a big part of the Texas economy, as one quarter of the nation’s fed cattle are raised in the state.

More than one million cattle annually graze pastures within Texas borders. Much of this beef goes to supply Texas and American steakhouses, which provide a popular go-to outing for families and food lovers throughout the nation.

Continue the Tradition

Our restaurant is part of this great tradition of family owned American steakhouses and is proud to have locations in the great state of Texas. People here sure love their beef and barbeque. The traditions of a good cut of beef reach back into the nation’s history and form part of our heritage and the story of the final frontier. Because of their extensive history American steakhouses are a staple of our nation’s food culture. We are proud to serve the people of this great nation and invite you to be part of the ongoing history of steakhouses and visit the Original Great American today.

Why Summer and BBQ Go Hand-in-Hand

Barbecue pork ribs on a grillThere’s nothing quite like the smell of BBQ on a hot summer day. As the weather in El Paso begins to get warmer, it’s nice to cool out indoors with a fresh salad and glass of iced tea. Here at The Original Great American & Cattle Co., we take pride in serving our customers, especially during the summertime when you have numerous options for a barbecue meal.

If you’re planning a family lunch or dinner for a special occasion this summer such a graduation dinner, Father’s day lunch, birthday celebration, or perhaps a special anniversary, then we have suggestions for you. Here’s why summer and BBQ at The Original Great American & Cattle Co. go hand-in-hand:

Fresh Options for the Entire Family

Dining at the Great American allows you to select from a wide variety of entrees that are not just barbecue based. For example, if someone doesn’t eat red meat, we have seafood options such as shrimp cocktail and smoked salmon that are also fresh choices for summer. When it comes to sides and toppings, consider our steamed vegetables, pineapple coleslaw, and sauteed mushrooms. Many people look for lighter choices in the summer since heavy foods can feel overwhelming on a hot day. The great thing about our menu is that we incorporate rich, traditional flavors in every choice.          

Bring the Party Indoors

An outdoor barbecue can be great if you have sufficient coverage from the sun and bug spray to keep pesky bugs away. If your family is looking for a summertime meal that allows everyone to come together in a cool and welcoming environment, then we’ve got you covered. Depending on the size of your party, you may want to consider reserving a room where you and your guests can dine comfortably.    

Pair a Classic and Refreshing Drink with a Signature Dish

If you’re celebrating a special occasion, you’ll want to incorporate a traditional wine with your choice of meat. White wines go especially well with salmon, whereas a nice red wine is perfect with steak. Our list of wine allows your party to select from classic favorites to newer options such as the Stella Rosa Moscato. Beyond wine, we have traditional Texas margaritas and a selection of domestic and imported beers that go especially well with ribeye and brisket.         

Your Summertime Meal Has Never Been More Savory

The summertime months are ideal for enjoying a classic barbecue meal with your favorite people. Our staff will make your experience one to remember. Come see us today at 7600 Alabama St., El Paso, TX 79904.

Cater Your Next Event With Steak

Delicious buffet in a restaurant with meat and friesWhen it comes to family parties, corporate meetings and events that require catering, the struggle is always finding great food, service and price wrapped into one package. You want to be sure to wow your guests and provide a delicious meal, but you also have to be conscious of your budget. Good catering also means good service, which is something you don’t want to skimp on.

Cater With Steak

If you are looking for a wow factor for your guests true happiness can start with the belly. By providing steak you are showing your guests a whole other level of gratitude and care. Whether your event is a wedding, corporate event or a family reunion, providing a top-notch meal that stands out will ensure they remember this evening for much time to come. If you are looking to add another layer of luxury to a romantic evening, think steak. If you want to give your employees a full meal that speaks thanks for all their hard work, think steak. If you simply want to cater a great family reunion and the family has all pitched in for a great meal, think steak.

Options to Save on the Budget

If you wish to wow your guests but have a limited budget, we can help. At The Original Great American Land & Cattle Co. we have options. You can still provide an excellent meal made for the best of meat lovers while adhering to what you can afford. Ribs, steak burgers, chicken and many options for great sides will still create a delicious meal.

Don’t Skimp on Service

When it comes to great catering, half the fun is being served. A good restaurant will offer service options with their meals as well. Again, if your budget allows, going for the full experience of plates and drinks served at the table is  a great option. However, if this is over your head, perhaps buffet style serving will still be a great choice for your guests. If you decide to have the food delivered without servers be sure to have a plan in place. A great even can be ruined by cold food or empty drink cups.

Contact Us Today for Catering

If you are looking for a great experience and excellent food be sure to contact us at The Original Great American Land & Cattle Co.. We offer delicious options that are sure to create the wow factor you are looking for. Give us a call today for more info.

The Right American Steakhouse

Close up on rare cooked cote de boeuf steak with knifeA lot of people steer clear of ordering steak for many reason. They may feel intimidated by their lack of knowledge when it comes to ordering beef. Others may feel less than prepared to pay for a delicious steak dinner. However, if you want to enjoy a quality cut of steak you should visit an American steakhouse with specific standards in place.

Never Frozen

When you visit an American steakhouse you want to be sure to find a good restaurant that uses meat that has never been frozen. These means that the meat you get on your plate is extremely fresh. It is even better when your steak is actually cut in house. These are indications that you are eating at a quality steakhouse with an eye for good practices.

The Right Quality of Beef

People often spend a lot of time trying to imitate at home the delicious flavor that comes from eating at a quality American steakhouse. However, at a good steakhouse the grade of beef that arrives still steaming at your table cannot be found at your local grocery store. A good restaurant will indicate on their menu that they serve USDA Prime beef. This means that the beef has excellent marbling and it came from young, well-fed cattle. USDA Choice Beef is also a good grade meat but one step down from prime. What you find at the grocery store is labeled standard and may not even have a grading.

Nice Large Portion

Another mark of an excellent American steakhouse is nice large portions of meats and excellent sides. The last thing you want is to leave the restaurant unsatisfied. A good meal will consist of a steak proportioned to what you ordered on the menu. Of course, when you order a filet mignon you are going to be expecting a smaller steak. But, you should still experience a hearty meal full of flavor. A good restaurant will also offer the option of add-ons like shrimp and lobster.

Visit our American Steakhouse Today

If you are looking for a satisfying meal of USDA Prime beef prepared only when you order, be sure to visit the Original Great American Land & Cattle Co. in El Paso. We know quality beef and strive to offer you a delicious meal every time you visit. Be sure to bring the whole family for an enjoyable meal.

Tips for Bringing Your Family to Your Favorite Restaurant

Reading menuLet’s face it, eating out at your favorite family restaurant can be stressful instead of fun. This is especially true when you have some children and toddlers in tow. Your steak may arrive at your table sizzling hot, but travel to your tummy cold. The last thing you want is to be whisper-yelling at your children across the table instead of enjoying a delicious meal. At the Original Great American Land & Cattle Co., not only do we welcome your family, we have a few tips to help you enjoy your meal.

Tips for Bringing Small Children to the Family Restaurant

Small children are probably the hardest part of bringing your family out to eat. You may have anxiety over other diners and their comfort. Perhaps your little energetic boy never stays seated. Or perhaps the overwhelming mess embarrasses you. Whatever the case may be, the problem is not as big as you think. There are also a few things you can do to help these issues. First of all, instead of worrying about nutrition order your child something they will enjoy. This will get them excited about feeding themselves and you won’t have to worry about doting over them. Secondly, be sure to bring a few activities. Whether your child likes to watch cartoons or color bring some fun stuff for them to do while you and your spouse enjoy yourselves. As far as the mess, every good waitress and waiter is accustomed to picking up bits of macaroni and food strewn across the floor. Not having to cook and clean is half the reason you came.

Pick a Place With a Great Menu

When you have several mouths to feed you want to be sure that they will all be satisfied at the family restaurant. For this reason, it is important to make sure the menu offers a good selection and food your children will like. Whether you know they love burgers or seafood take a look at their website and make sure they offer something for everyone.

A Place You All Love

We know all too well how nice it is to step into a family restaurant the whole family loves. This is what we strive to provide at the Original Great American Land & Cattle Co. We offer a great menu, an excellent atmosphere and plenty of fun for the whole family. Be sure to check out our menu online and visit us today.

Tips for Eating Out Healthy

Two children playing together in a restaurant during family visitWhen you eat out you are probably looking for a satisfying meal at the right place with great customer service. With New Year’s resolutions in full effect and spring around the corner most folks are also looking for a hearty healthy meal when they visit their favorite family restaurant. At The Original Great American Land & Cattle Co. we have a few tips to help you find a great meal while staying on track with your health goals.

Enjoy a Hearty Steak

Believe it or not a big hearty steak is a great choice for sticking to your diet. There are plenty of lean choices like a sirloin that offer satisfying flavor on the lean side of things. A filet mignon is another great choice. The small portion yet big flavor is a great way to satisfy the taste buds while staying within the reigns of your calorie count. The large portion of protein is also great for those counting macros.

Make Substitutions

When it comes to eating out at your favorite family restaurant substitutions will be your best friend. Instead of indulging in that baked potato ask your waiter for a side salad or in season veggies. If you want to enjoy a burger it is possible. You can ask for the chef to forgo the bread and deliver extra lettuce. Most burgers come with a whopping side of fries, which once again, will need to be substituted for something with less carbs and calories. Most restaurants are happy to make substitutions to accommodate their guests.

Feeding the Kids at the Family Restaurant

If you are taking the kids out to the family restaurant your concern for healthy eating is just as big. Most kids will want to order a huge bowl of mac and cheese with a side of dessert. While that may keep them out of your hair while you engage in a nice adult conversation with your spouse, it may not be the best for a healthy choice. A burger with a side of veggies and mac and cheese is a more well rounded choice for parents looking to offer a nutritious meal. Often times asking for help from the waiter will go a long ways.

Visit Us Today

If you are look for a satisfying yet healthy meal The Original Great American Land & Cattle Co. has a menu full of options. Our friendly staff is always ready to help as well. Be sure to bring the whole family out to eat today!

What Makes Steak So Much Better at the Restaurant?

marbled steakAside from not having to cook, eating out at a good steak restaurant is just so satisfying. The cut is usually big unless, of course, it is a filet mignon. The flavor is rich and juicy, especially if it has been aged correctly. Sometimes you may want to replicate the experience at home, but sadly the rich, juicy flavor is just not the same. Why is that? We want to answer that question honestly for you today.

The Grade of the Beef Matters

The main answer is the different grades of beef. There is certified premium, prime, choice, and select. The meat is graded by color, its weights, meat-to-bone ratio, fat-to-body ratio, the age of the cow, and the physical characteristics of the cow.

Choice and select beef are what you will find at the store. You can try different marinades and spices, but with the lack of quality of marbling you won’t end up with the same flavor you get at your favorite steak restaurant. There is a possibility of purchasing better quality meat by going to a specialty butcher or looking online. However, you will pay much more.

Steak Restaurants Get the Best Beef

Steak restaurants typically use USDA choice prime beef. It is actually only three percent of all the beef production in America. It is the best and you can’t find it in the frozen aisle of the grocery store. Prime beef comes from a young steer. It receives the highest rating in all of the categories. If you are wanting to cook this grade at home, it will be very hard to find.

The Flavor is in the Marbling

Marbling is definitely the best part of a good steak. Those thin streaks and flecks of white fat amongst the red flesh add to the steak’s tenderness, flavor, and juiciness. When that chef at your favorite steak restaurant cooks the steak at the right temperature, the marbling melts and coats the meat with flavor. That’s where the rich melt in your mouth texture and flavor come from. When the nice, hot steak reaches your table, you may not realize it had rich marbling. But when the meat reaches your tastebuds, you will know.

Is Grass-Fed Better?

Yes and no would be the correct answer. Some insist that grass-fed beef is better for the environment and uses more humane ways of raising cows. However, that simply isn’t true in many cases. Not only that, grain-fed cows simply produce tastier meat. In order to get the same rich flavor from grass-fed beef, you have to use specific cooking techniques. For that reason, most steak restaurants prefer to purchase grain-fed beef. Many ranchers that produce quality prime rated meat use sustainable methods to compete with the ever growing demand for grass-fed cows. Not only that, expert ranchers understand that well-treated animals with excellent practices produce safer, healthier food.

It’s Just Not the Same Without Aging

Another part of the great steak equation is definitely the aging. Aging improves flavor and tenderness. Dry aging is not as common as wet aging which most restaurants do. Dry aging entails letting the meat sit in a very controlled environment for a certain number of days or even weeks. It is difficult because of the risks of food poisoning and the meat spoiling. Wet aging includes vacuum packing the meat and letting it age in its own juices. Both processes yield the same flavor so most steak restaurants simply do not both with the difficult process of dry aging.

Why Does it All Matter?

All these details add up to one delicious steak. A good restaurant will only use prime rated beef, fresh spices, and meat that is never frozen. From the treatment and raising of the cows to the last few minutes on the grill, lots of details go into the perfect steak that lands on your table. You might pay more than the average dine-out meal, and wait a bit more for your steak, but it is all worth it in the end. The flavor and quality of a good steak are unmatchable.

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone at a Steakhouse

Grilled tuna stake with potato and lemon served on stone plateWhen going to your favorite steakhouse, it’s easy to get your favorite thing every time instead of stepping outside of your comfort zone to try something new. It’s common knowledge that you can get a good steak at a steakhouse, but at The Original Great American, you can also get other tasty dishes if you’re not in the mood for your favorite ribeye. So why not step outside of your comfort zone and venture into the great unknown? Some of our favorite menu items include:

Brisket Tacos

Brisket, tortilla, grilled onions, cheese, and salsa. Is your mouth watering yet? Brisket tacos are both a treat and something unusual to get at a steakhouse. But if your goal is to go for something new, lighter, or different, brisket tacos are the way to go. Our tacos are made with care and will keep your mouth watering for more.


When the universe says to treat yourself, you should listen. Why not do so by eating some tasty seafood? We have a variety of fish and shrimp for you to enjoy. From Icelandic haddock and red snapper to Norwegian salmon and rainbow trout, our fish dishes come from far and wide. We also serve jumbo shrimp and lobster tails. We take “treating yourself” to a new level.


We know what you’re thinking: who goes to a steakhouse and orders a salad? Well, with our salads, you don’t have to feel like you’re missing out when you order one instead of a steak. You can get chicken, shrimp, and even steak on your salad. You can enjoy something healthy while also splurging on something delicious.

Appetizers Galore

How often do you go to a restaurant and get offered an appetizer but then turn it down because you “know you shouldn’t?” You think oh, it’ll spoil the meal or give you unnecessary calories. But how cool would it be to gather the posse and split appetizers among the group? At The Original Great American, we have all kinds of appetizers, including salads, soups, sausage bites, and sweet potato fries with a creamy raspberry chipotle sauce.

Visit The Original Great American Steakhouse Today!

Sure, you could get the same exact thing every time you visit our restaurant or you could step outside of your comfort zone. Regardless, we have a variety of tasty dishes for you to chow down on. Visit us today!

The Great Steak Debate: How Should You Eat It?

Steaks in der PfanneIt’s been a heated debate for years now. Rare vs. Well Done. Ribeye vs. Filet Mignon. We’ve all been there, too. We doubt there’s a person here who hasn’t been in this kind of argument before; spittle flying, saying words we later regret. All over how we enjoy a nice steak. There are so many ways you can have the meat prepared for you at a restaurant that it’s no surprise that this argument has become commonplace in our society. At The Original Great American, we’ll prepare your steak however you want it (and we won’t argue with you about it either). Here are the many great ways you can enjoy steak.

Rare and Medium Rare

One component of one of the most heated steak debates: ordering the meat rare or medium rare. When we prepare steak medium rare or rare, we don’t cook it all the way through, leaving the center pink, but safe to eat. This makes the meat juicy and tender and delicious to eat.

Well Done

As opposed rare and medium rare, well-done steaks are cooked thoroughly, so when you order it “well done,” you won’t see any pink. When it’s well-done, it tends to have more minerals and gives you less fat than when you prepare it rare or medium rare.

Filet Mignon

A filet mignon steak is meat that is taken from the smaller end of a beef tenderloin. Typically, filet mignon is cut into small pieces. It can be wrapped in bacon or cooked as is. Filet mignon is tender because it’s cut from the most tender part of the cow.


Ribeye steaks are taken directly from the rib of the cow. Most ribeyes still have the rib bone attached, adding extra flavor to it. Ribeyes are high in protein and vitamins and can be enjoyed with vegetables and other sides.

The Great Steak Debate

As you can see, both sides of the steak debate have a great argument. Rare, well done, ribeye, it doesn’t matter. Steak is steak, and it is delicious to eat however you prepare it. Our advice to you is, if you normally eat it rare, why not try it well done? And if your goto is ribeye, how about giving filet mignon a try? You never know what you might like.

The Best Steakhouse in El Paso

If you’re looking to eat a quality meal in El Paso, The Original Great American is the place to go. We’ll prepare your meat just the way you like it. And when it comes to the great steak debate, we don’t take sides…but we do offer delicious sides to enjoy with your meal. Visit us today!

What to Look for in a Steak Restaurant


chef at a steak restaurant adding some vegetation to a steakThere are many restaurants to choose from when you want to eat out. Since you are in Texas, quite a few fall under the umbrella to include steak restaurant in their title. If that is where you would like to eat, then you should find the best one at which to spend your time and money. There are several things that you need to take into consideration before you head out for your next meal. The Original Great American Land & Cattle Co. is your best bet!

What Makes a Good Steak Restaurant

Before you head out, you may want to spend a few minutes online and look at the menus of the steak restaurants you are considering visiting. Only the good ones will have a varied menu that has something to accommodate everyone’s tastes. As much as the name says steak, not everyone will order one. There should be other things to choose to eat from salads to desserts. Also, be sure that the little ones are taken care of and there are kids meals for them, as well.

While not every ingredient can be cultivated locally, it is a good idea to eat at those restaurants that source as much as possible from in and around where they are located. This not only helps to improve the economy, but it also ensures that the food you order at a steak restaurant is fresh because it does not have to travel very far. Moreover, the ingredients should be seasonal. Although many ingredients and meals freeze well, food tastes better when it is in season.

Other Qualities of a Good Steak Restaurant

In addition to a variety of fresh food, a good steak restaurant will also serve a large variety of drinks of both the alcoholic and soft drink types. This should all be done in a location that is easy to reach and has ample parking. The servers should be friendly and welcoming. They should care about providing you with a top notch experience and a good steak restaurant never hurries you along. A good steak restaurant should also have experienced chefs that oversee the supply of produce and ensure that only the best beef is used. After all, it is their expertise and secret techniques that make a good steak great. If you are now hungry after reading this and you’re in the El Paso area, head over to The Original Great American Land & Cattle Co. today!