Wine to Pair With Your Steak


steak from a steak restaurant What could possibly make one of our quality, cut in-house, grass fed beef steak better? How about, the perfectly paired wine! The team at the Orignal Great American Land & Cattle has complied a few tips to help you pick the right wine with your delicious meal.

Sirloin and Chopped Steak

A general rule to follow is to match the intensity of the dish with the wine. When you’re eating a leaner cut like a sirloin or our chopped steak, a light or medium bodied red wine will pair well. These selections have a slightly higher acidity, which will cut through the texture of the lean beef.

Not So Lean, But Full Flavor

If you are looking for a full flavor, rich beef cut you are probably going to order a filet mignon, the New York strip, t-bone, or a ribeye. These are the fattier cuts here in our steak restaurant and certainly aren’t for the faint of heart. Go for a bold red wine. These will have a high tannin content. Tannin is an astringent and it will cleanse the palette.

Chicken Fried Steak and Spicy Foods

One favorite here at our steak restaurant is definitely the chicken fried steak. The sauce we use is rich and creamy which would pair well with a wine with peppery notes like a Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz. If you are going with a tampiquena or tampico topping wine might not be your first choice. Most people would probably pair one of these delicious meals with a good Mexican beer or even a margarita. However, surprisingly enough, a sweet wine would be great. A light bodied wine with noticeable sweetness would offset the spice and match well. Riseling would match nicely with the cheese, while a blush wine with a refreshing fruit flavor would be a good choice as well.

Superior Beef at Our Steak Restaurant

Pairing wine and food is a fun hobby for many and makes for a delicious meal. Whatever wine or beer you do choose, just remember that each and every steak is cut here in house. It’s made to order and carefully aged. We don’t receive frozen pre-ordered meals like other chain restaurants. And, we hope that every customer leaves happy and full. Be sure to drop on by for lunch or dinner and find out for yourself. Contact Orignal Great American Land & Cattle today!


Eat More Seafood and Steak – It’s Good for You

a steak cut open with leaves above itIf you really need a good reason to visit the steakhouse, it can definitely be the health benefits. Seafood and steak are American favorites and that’s no exception here in El Paso. If we’re being honest, the delicious taste alone is worth going out. But, you’ll be surprised to know you could be doing your body a favor when ordering our steak with a side of shrimp or lobster. If you’re ready to eat, The Original Great American Land & Cattle Co. is the place to go!

The Superfood of the Sea

Seafood is a great source for protein because it is so low in fat. And, the fat it does contain is great for preventing and healing diseases. Seafood is great for keeping your heart and blood vessels healthy because of the omega-3 fatty acids, DHA, and EPA content. The amount of nutrients in lobster is unreal. A delicious serving is rich in copper, selenium, zinc, phosphorus, B12, magnesium, vitamin E. Not only that, a recent study showed that middle aged people that ate one serving of seafood a week were 44 percent less likely to die from a heart attack. If that isn’t enough, another study also found that seafood can ease the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

Steak is Good for You  

In moderation. Lean red meat, like a top sirloin steak, is a great source of iron, zinc, vitamin B12, B6, niacin, and vitamin D. Vitamin B12 deficiency is linked to a number of health problems like early aging, neurological disorders, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and infertility. So, the bottom line says eat steak, don’t feel guilty, and enjoy it thoroughly. Our ribeye is our most popular and has a higher fat content. However, you can still enjoy all the health benefits of red meat with this choice in moderation.

The Two Go Well Together

You love food and you love feeling good. We love providing high quality food and customer service. You and our restaurant are a great pair, much like seafood and steak. We thrive on providing a great atmosphere with quality food from great ingredients. All of our dishes are made to order and nothing comes from frozen premade food. If you do decide to order a steak, our chef will cut it himself moments after you order. Fresh, delicious, and juicy are just a few of the compliments our food has received from reviewers. Join us for lunch or dinner to enjoy the delicious health benefits today! 

What Makes a Great Steak?


food from a steakhouse Choosing the right steakhouse can be difficult, we understand. If you want to sit down and have a tender, juicy, and flavorful steak, you’ll need to choose the right restaurant. Not only that, you’re paying for a full experience so you’re expecting great service and delicious side, and perhaps even some fine wine. At The Original Great American Land & Cattle Co. we can’t vouch for other restaurants. What we can tell you, is that we understand steak. We know what goes into providing our customers with top notch flavor.

The Right Beef and Cut

At our steakhouse, we only use USDA choice or prime beef. Prime beef is actually only three percent of all beef production in the America. It is the best and it is hard to find. We only use grass fed Sterling Silver premium beef. Our steaks are hand cut here in our kitchen daily. Even if you order a T-bone steak it is cut right here. You also can’t have a great steak without the proper aging. Here at our steakhouse, we cryovac wet age all of our steak. This means that we vacuum pack the meat and let it age in its own juices. We are Known for Our Seasoning

When you come to our steakhouse, one thing you can expect is great seasoning. On the same note, great steak needs little seasoning. When you start with good quality meat, the finest cut and the right aging, you don’t need much more. However we do use coarse black pepper, kosher salt, garlic and our signature spice recipe.

So many of our customers have asked about secret recipe seasoning throughout the years that we know offer it as a retail item. Although you just can’t replicate the great taste of eating juicy, flavorful beef at our steakhouse, you can go ahead and try!

A Great Steak

If we had to give you the short answer, it is great ingredients and consistency. We know that you want a reliable sit down experience when you look for the right steakhouse. And for that reason we have perfected our process. Our chefs are passionate about providing you with a delicious flavor, and our staff is dedicated to giving you an experience you can enjoy with the whole family. There is good reason that our regular customers come back week after week to enjoy a quality meal. On top of all that, you can come and enjoy a good steak for lunch, because we are one of the few steakhouses in town open at 11 a.m. Be sure to come on by and enjoy a meal with us!