Add a Side of Seafood at Our El Paso Steakhouse

We don’t have a solid answer when people ask us why steak and seafood are such a good combo. Perhaps the marbling of the steak and the rich flavor of shrimp or lobster are just made for each other, like soul mates. Whatever the case may be, we offer plenty of seafood on our menu to pair with any of our steaks. Add a cold glass of wine and you have a wonderful meal in front of you.

delicious fresh lobster in el paso texas

Our seafood is our only exception to our frozen meat standard. The lobster we serve is a large Australian catch and it doesn't disappoint. You won't find as great a pairing as an Original Great American ribeye and lobster. The perfect marbling of the steak and the flavor of the lobster are a marriage of deliciousness. We’ve traveled far and wide and have yet to find a seafood and steak dish that matches our flavor. We could choose a company offering a variety of seafood from a closer location. However, the flavor just wouldn’t be the same. We go to great lengths to offer quality, satisfying flavor. Our shrimp is available in scampi, beer battered, and grilled.