big steak burger

The Infamous El Paso Steak Burger

Not Your Everyday Burger

Some even dare to call it the best burger in El Paso. That’s probably because it’s not your average burger. It’s the original steak burger from our family recipe. Americans take their burgers pretty seriously. So much so that 71% of beef eaten in restaurants is in the form of a burger. Here at our American steakhouse, we don’t purchase ground beef, and we certainly don’t use preformed burgers. We grind our own steak daily to create a delicious steak burger. The result is juicy, thick meat cooked to order. Customers return time and time again for the great flavor.

Our traditionalist burger lovers like it plain with lettuce and pickles. But our adventurous diners pile on toppings like grilled onions, bacon, mushrooms, green chile, or even bleu cheese. And we wouldn’t be a true El Paso restaurant without a touch from south of the border. Our Chihuahua steak burger was added to the menu to honor El Paso's very own baseball team. It’s a hearty meal that’s not for the faint of heart. Come hungry to try this steakburger piled with a hotdog, brisket, green chile, and grilled onions. It certainly is big enough to feed a few baseball players. It is a good meal to share with your significant other.

Signature Side Dishes Full of Flavor

Every burger comes with a big helping of our warm, crispy steak fries, our Texas Caviar, and cole slaw.

Our original owner and grandfather of the current owner, Bill Nunn, came up with the secret family recipe for our pineapple cole slaw and pinto beans, which we like to call Texas Caviar. The rich seasoning in our beans receives daily compliments. Others have tried to replicate our recipe, but grandpa truly knew good flavor when he founded our American steakhouse. We give you healthy servings of three great sides to make sure your appetite is fully satisfied before you leave. Our regular customers' most common compliment is about the value of every meal we serve. We make sure to provide great service, consistent flavor, and hearty servings with every meal.

We know you’re going to love our sides as much as your main course, so we always bring large portions to your table. We don’t let you go home hungry! If you are craving a great El Paso steak burger, visit us today!