The smell of barbecue brings about many different emotions: comfort, delight, and happiness are just a few. Those feelings are especially elevated during the summertime, as many families in El Paso make bbq apart of their summer tradition.

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Why Summer and BBQ Go Hand-in-Hand

There’s nothing quite like the smell of BBQ on a hot summer day. As the weather in El Paso begins to get warmer, it’s nice to cool out indoors with a fresh salad and glass of iced tea. Here at The Original Great American & Cattle Co., we take pride in serving our customers, especially

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Finding The Best American Steakhouse Will Be Well Worth Your Money

  Going out to dinner is always fun. It’s a time where you can hang out with family and friends. Most people enjoy the social aspect and of course the delicious food. Going out can be to celebrate something big or just because you don’t feel like cooking. Regardless of your reason, finding the best

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How to Order Steak and Seafood at a Restaurant

A lot can go into ordering a steak at your favorite steakhouse in El Paso. Sometimes people skip ordering steak and seafood all together because they simply don’t know how to order a steak. They feel embarrassed or judged about their lack of knowledge on subject of steak. Here at the Original Great American Land

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Let’s Go to the Steakhouse — Amazing Food at a Great Price!

There’s nothing quite like celebrating a big event with a delicious steak. When you decide to go to The Original Great American Land and Cattle, you opt for amazing steak at an incredible price. Whether it’s a job promotion, an acceptance to a prestigious university, or a recent engagement, it seems like steak and celebration go

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What Makes a Great Steak?

  Choosing the right steakhouse can be difficult, we understand. If you want to sit down and have a tender, juicy, and flavorful steak, you’ll need to choose the right restaurant. Not only that, you’re paying for a full experience so you’re expecting great service and delicious side, and perhaps even some fine wine. At

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