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Welcome to El Paso’s Original Great American Land & Cattle Co.

An American Steakhouse With a Family Restaurant Atmosphere

Come join us for lunch or dinner at our El Paso steakhouse. Our regular customers return over and over for our fantastic food, great service, and spectacular view! We believe in running our family owned business with outstanding service and consistency. Whether it’s our ribeye steak, our original coleslaw, or our baked beans, every time you visit us you can expect the same great flavor. Jack and Peggy Nunn founded the Original Great American Land & Cattle Co. in 1977 on wholesome family values. The importance of a good family meal was at the center of the restaurant, and still is today. Jack’s father, Bill Nunn, created our secret Cajun seasoning, and it has remained in the family for 40 years.
Although you can eat at other “Great American Land & Cattle Co.” steak restaurants, they won’t offer our same great flavor and consistency.

You might be looking for an American Steakhouse because you want a delicious meal at an affordable price. When you come to our family restaurant in El Paso, you are going to get a large portion of fresh, grade-A, grass fed Sterling Silver beef. It will be cut in-house and won’t be a frozen slab of meat. Rich steak flavor, juicy, and cooked to order is what you will get! Our signature side of pineapple coleslaw and Texas caviar are our very own family recipe.

The Burgers Are Better Here

Our burgers are better because they’re steak burgers. We don’t use pre-formed patties. Our cooks don’t even use purchased ground beef. Our chefs make delicious El Paso burgers from prime or choice steak that they grind fresh daily. The flavor is rich and you can enjoy a simple steakburger or one stacked high with toppings.

Not Just an American Steakhouse, but a Family Restaurant

Our flavor is savory and our atmosphere is laid back and family friendly. You don’t have to hire a sitter to come enjoy a delicious steak because the whole family is welcome here! Our team delivers patient, prompt service. Whether you have one child or a family the size of a basketball team, we are going to cater to your needs. We believe that you and your family should be able to enjoy a good meal and excellent service every time you visit us.

The View is Amazing at our Steak Restaurant

Our two-story El Paso steakhouse offers an extraordinary view. Located at 7600 Alabama St, our restaurant presents stunning views of the city and the surrounding landscape. The warm, accommodating environment and decor makes us a great spot for dates, family dining, special occasions, or simply enjoying a casual meal. Many of our customers love to bring their out-of-town family members to enjoy the beautiful El Paso mountain scenery.

We are the Original El Paso Favorite

There’s something to be said about being imitated by others. While other Great American Land & Cattle Co. restaurants throughout the area may offer similar food and service, they cannot compare to the quality and authenticity of the original El Paso favorite steak restaurant.

So when you’re searching for quality food, cold drinks, and great service with an American steakhouse feel in El Paso, we hope you’ll choose the Original Great American Land & Cattle Co. Come enjoy everything that makes our restaurant your go-to family steak restaurant in El Paso, Texas!

Foodies Welcome!

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